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Welcome to Amateur Cool's program for amateur paysite owners!
Now you can make money with Amateur Cool adding your videos and photos to the site. Posting on Amateur Cool is 100% free, we make money only when you make money, with your revshare program. Here is an example of what you get:


How to start?
-The content must be legal. You need to own the rights.

-You need to have your own paysite.

-Register a free account on Amateur Cool, send us your username and a link to your affiliate program.

-We will send you a letter with our username in your affiliate program, and upgrade your account. After this all your published content on Amateur Cool, will have your banners and text links, which will link to your paysite.

I have uploaded videos/photos, when will they be live?
-Your video needs to be converted. This takes approx 4 days, sometimes longer. Please be patient. You can check status of your video in your profile.

Why was my video/photo deleted?
-Copyrighted videos/photos you haven't rights to post, will be deleted.

-Watermarked videos/photos will be deleted (people don't like them).

-Illegal content will be banned. Such as content with: Underaged persons, animals, scat, violence, racism and hate.

-The content must be amateur related.

-If you submit photos, we mostly add series.

-Videos/photos with anonymous persons are mostly not added.

-We remove reposts